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About Us

Future Financial Technology, Mobile Advertising, Marketing and Big Data Analytics Platform

Connecting Big Data and Reinventing Lifestyle

Established in Malaysia, Gaintz is the future Financial Technology, Mobile Advertising, Marketing and Big Data Analytics Platform that is disrupting over RM1 Trillion GDP in Malaysia industries and will expand across the globe handling USD zillion in transactions globally. Gaintz helps people and businesses throughout the world by connecting big data and reinventing lifestyle that can change the society landscape and enhance individual financial muscle.

We are a multinational global technology, information and measurement company, provides internet of things (IoT) insights and big data about people lifestyle connectivity and spending patterns via physical-related and internet-related services and products including advertising (online or offline channels), search engine, cashless payment gateway, loyalty ecosystems, e-commerce, mobile, cloud computing and software. Our ultimate big data flagship product is to connect and drive targeted physical visitors to businesses or services.

Gaintz rewards people by using, viewing, visiting, playing, recycling, working and spending to collect useful quantitative and qualitative data. Gaintz internet of things and scalable model are able to exchange data, connect to more devices and to integrate to B2D, B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, O2O, SAAS, online malls, online games and many embedded connectivity interactions.

Gaintz Five Basic Analytics

  • Prediction - What is most likely to happen?
  • Estimation - What is the future value of a variable?
  • Description - What relationships exist in the data?
  • Simulation - What could happen?
  • Prescription - What should you do?


Gaintz objective is to maximise long term capital growth through investing in a diversified portfolio of technology companies around the world. Technology companies offer the potential for substantially faster earnings growth than the broad market, reflecting the long term secular uptrend in technology spending.

Our Philosophy

  • We subscribe to Integrity and Abundance for the welfare of all regardless of race, religion class or culture.
  • We are open and transparent as such we wish to attract the right suitor or investor as in a marriage the right partner.
  • Our Management team is motivated in the welfare, goodwill and harmony of humanity for a better world.

Big Data Makes Big Impacts